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Welcome to the Backnang website!


Backnang is unique. Situated on the banks of the picturesque River Murr, the town of Backnang is surrounded by beautiful countryside, characterised by gently rolling hills and idyllic orchards. It is also the gateway to the Swabian-Francionan Forest national park. With its approximately 36,000 inhabitants, Backnang is the regional centre of a catchment area of nearly 120,000 people and is also the heart of the Murr region. This explains our town slogan – to be said with a smile – Backnang, "The Metropolis on the Murr".

The core of the town, first documented in 1067, is the Burgberg, which falls away rapidly to the Murr and which possesses a remarkable collection of historic architecture. The current Protestant Collegiate Church houses the tombs of the Margraves of Baden, dating back to the medieval age. Indeed, Backnang was part of Baden between 1100 and 1304 and can, to a certain extent, be therefore regarded as the cradle of Baden in the heart of Württemberg. This part of the town has now been designated the Stiftshof Cultural Centre.

Together, the Bandhaus, part of the Augustinian Canonry, the town tower with its recently restored Gothic choir, the Tower Schoolhouse and the Helferhaus all form the cultural centre of our town. The Backnang Town Gallery plays host to exhibitions of contemporary art, while the "Grafik-Kabinett" in the Helferhaus presents works by Old Masters, including prints by Albrecht Dürer. When, in 2003, the TraumZeit-Theater, the German Magic Centre and the Kalanag-Museum opened, Backnang also became a magical focus for fans of minor arts, variety and magic. When the Galli Theatre opened, the historic old town was blessed with yet another cultural facility.

The state schools, numerous opportunities for further education, countless clubs and societies, active support for senior citizens and modern sporting facilities all make Backnang a town worth living in. We are committed to families and children, which is why the town has extensive child care and support facilities. Backnang is the perfect place for young families – a historic, cultural centre, a town boasting fine educational facilities, and a child-friendly, family town. It is a town with a long history and a promising future. Why not come and find out for yourself?

We look forward to seeing you in Backnang!

Dr Frank Nopper
Lord Mayor